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ReNew Flooringcovering offers a wide variety of hardwood flooring for you to select from, featuring several different stains, species, and finishing options. Hardwood has evolved over the years, becoming one of the most diverse types of flooring available today.  Ask one of our experts for the pros and cons between each type.

Red Oak Solid Excel Natural Hardwood Flooring - Treebark


Red Oak Solid Excel Natural Hardwood Flooring - Natural


Dansk Monterey Hardwood Flooring - Weathered Saddle

Weathered Saddle

Dansk Monterey Hardwood Flooring - Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach

Abode Hardwood Flooring - Canyon Echo

Canyon Echo

Abode Hardwood Flooring - Natural

Natural Brushed Hickory

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Rustic feel, no gloss and pulls out its natural beauty (enhances natural colours). Quick and easy to repair blemishes (able to re-oil blemish). Also available in stained oil.

Made from early farmstead hardwood. Can either be in a smooth or hit and miss surface. Also finished with a oiled or old world finish.

Goes back to the way hardwood looked originally when it first became popular. Often has a rustic/distressed look to go along with the hand scraped finish. A hand scraped finish will often disguise and/or minimize the look of blemishes that may appear over time.

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Various Hardwood Finishes to Choose From

With many different types of hardwood finishes to choose from, your floors will get the protection they need for their environment to ensure longevity.

To Achieve the Perfect Look and Feel

Different Types of Hardwood Flooring.

Hardwood floors radiate warmth and character in any room. Our design experts will help make sure your flooring choice is suitable for your lifestyle.

Solid hardwood floors are typically about ¾” thick and vary in plank widths. This type of hardwood can be refinished multiple times.

The downfall with solid hardwood floors is the humidity management it requires. Edmonton has a dry environment which can cause the hardwood to shrink. If you are choosing to install solid hardwood floors, make sure you keep your humidity at a constant level, and that you acclimate it to your home in order to make sure it doesn’t shrink after the installation.

Solid hardwood floors are not suitable to be installed over top of concrete as it is nailed down. Engineered hardwood flooring materials may be a better option if humidity management is a concern.

Engineered hardwood floors are made of a core layer that has multiple layers of wood laid in opposite directions that are then pressed together and bonded with adhesive. The top layer is the wear layer which shows the style of the floors. Because of the layered wood in the core, engineered hardwoods are more suitable for our environment. This core minimizes the movement caused by acclimation, making it structurally sound. Because of its manufactured core, engineered hardwood floors are often available in wide plank styles unlike solid hardwood.


Most times, engineered hardwood floors are able to be refinished, but it all depends on what the finish layer is, and how thick the wear layer is. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered wood floors are able to be installed over concrete and other surfaces.

Prefinished floors come ready for installation because they’ve already been sanded, stained and finished by the manufacturer. Even though it may seem that there is minimal selection when it comes to prefinished, there is a large variety when selecting which colour, finish, and even the characteristics.

This type of flooring saves time and money for the labour and clean up. The benefit of having site-finished hardwood is that you’re able to personalize your own floors. There are a wide variety of stains whether it’s a custom blend or pre-made, and finishes such as semi-gloss, matte, high gloss, or even oiled.

Site-finished hardwood also allows you to pick the species of wood and the width of the plank. Site finished hardwood is also done when an addition of hardwood is made within a house. The floors are then all sanded and stained to make sure the stain is constant between the existing and added hardwood.

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Tanya Hulsemann

Tanya Hulsemann


"They went out of their way to make sure the job was done perfect"

We had the pleasure of working Lowell and the rest of the ReNew Floorcovering team on a recent project. Making sure we had the correct product for our project was very important. They went out of their way to make sure the job was done perfect and our customer was very pleased with the final product. We would highly recommend ReNew Floorcovering and look forward to working with them on future projects.

Diane Murray

Diane Murray


"Kept in touch with us throughout the process to make sure we were happy with everything"

We are so very glad we chose ReNew for our new flooring recently. They are highly professional and caring. Jennifer and Lowell brought samples out to us and Lowell kept in touch with us throughout the process to make sure we were happy with everything. Randy and his team of installers are the best in the business! I highly recommend this company.

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